We’re bringing horror tabletop gaming and social horror games to Carolina Fear Fest this year!

At Carolina Fear Fest, we celebrate all things horror, from your favorite films to literature to gaming – and we’re so excited to expand our con with a gaming area this year, allowing you to meet new horror fan friends and play some of the scariest horror tabletop and social games. We’ll also have terrifying VR games and a horror escape room!

Sign up on this form to save a spot in these game sessions – we’ll release our full schedule closer to the show based on these forms!

Tabletop Games

Our friends at AVL Scarefest are bringing the following tabletop horror games to the con:

Puppetland: Boys At Play

About the Game System: Puppetland is a creepy little game where you take on the roles of animated puppets in a world where the dictatorial puppet Punch has killed the puppet maker and rules by literally wearing his face. Now a new terror is on the horizon as Spite–one of Punch’s loyal flesh golems–has somehow made monstrous children, and all of them are hungry…for Puppets! You and the other puppets have been trying to get by as best you can, and even find moments of happiness here and there.

Walking the line between charming childhood and utterly unnerving, each story plays out in exactly one hour.

This Session’s Story: Puppetland: Punch and the Beanstalk

A mysterious plant–a real one!-has been found growing through the middle of Puppettown, and Punch is convinced it is a beanstalk leading to the land of giants. He has had his Nutcrackers drag you and several other puppets out of your nice, comfy beds and ordered you to climb it and bring him back a golden treasure… or else! Can you and the other puppets brave the perils of this mysterious new land and find what Punch desires? Or maybe better yet, find the key to stopping his reign of terror?


About the Game System: Dread is a game of horror and hope. Those who play will participate in a mutual telling of an original macabre tale. You will take on the role of people who find themselves making decisions we hope to never face in real life, trapped in a story that is only as compelling as it is hostile. Each game of Dread uses a Jenga tower to determine if characters’ actions are successful, and each character is built using a simple questionnaire of loaded questions.

Players contribute by declaring what their character is doing. The game ends when the story comes to a conclusion, or when all of the characters have been removed from play (usually about an hour).

This Session’s Story: Beneath the Mask

It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend at your friend’s cabin. Then the power went out, and some psycho in a hockey mask attacked. Now two people are dead, and your host is a gibbering wreck. Can you make it through to morning?

Monster of the Week

About the Game System: Monster of the Week is an easy-to-learn system for telling stories about people confronting monsters. If you enjoy shows like Buffy, Scooby Doo, or Supernatural, you’ll love Monster of the Week! This is an action-horror RPG for 3-5 people, This game runs 2-4 hours.

This Sesson’s Story: The Museum of the Grotesque

When a band of monster hunters and sleuths learns about strange occurrences in a small town’s horror film museum, they know it’s in their line of work. But will our heroes solve the mystery in time, or will they be the Museum of the Grotesque’s newest exhibit?


About the Game System: Ghostbusters RPG is a comedy-horror role-playing game based on the 1984 film. The system is light, easy to learn, and focuses on keeping the the laughs coming. Character creation will take less than 10 minutes at the beginning of the session. This game is easy. In fact, for many gamers, this was their first pen and paper RPG experience. No complicated math or gameplay! This game runs 2-4 hours.

This Session’s Story: We’re Ready to Believe You, Raleigh!

The long defunct Ghostbuster Franchise 23 in Raleigh, NC, is reopening and it’s up to you to bust the churning spirits of the capitol city!

Social Games


About the Game System: Our friends at Gamers Geekery and Tavern will be running sessions of Werewolf – a party game! Every player gets a character card. You always have 1 Moderator, 1 Seer, 1 Doctor, and 2 Werewolves. The rest of the players are Villagers. Each player should look at their card, but they must keep it a secret. Players work together (or don’t!) to save villagers, and uncover the werewolf! This game is fast paced and can vary in length, less than an hour.

Blood on the Clocktower

During a hellish thunderstorm, a scream echoes through the sleepy town of Ravenswood Bluff. The townsfolk rush to investigate and find the beloved local storyteller has been murdered, their body hanging limp from the clocktower. As blood drips onto the cobblestones below, a realization slowly dawns… a demon has been unleashed, killing by night and taking on human form by day. Can good find the demon in time? Or will evil overrun this once peaceful town?

Blood on the Clocktower is a game of murder and mystery, lies and logic, deduction and deception for five-to-twenty courageous players and one devious storyteller.

A social game played in person, seated in a circle, each player receives either a ‘good’ or ‘evil’ token with their unique character on it. Good players share information to solve the mystery whilst evil players lie about who they are and what they know. The good team wins if they can piece together their knowledge, trust each other, and execute the demon. The evil team wins if the demon can sow distrust, evade detection, and wipe out the village.