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Jill Whitlow

Night of the Creeps, Weird Science, Porky’s, Freddy’s Nightmares, Ghost Chase

An American motion picture and television actress famous for films in the 1980s.

Alex Vincent

Child’s Play, Child’s Play 2, Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky

Starred as Andy Barclay in Child’s Play when he was a six-year-old. In addition to his role of Andy, Vincent has appeared on TV in commercials, daytime dramas, and feature films.

John Russo

Night of the Living Dead

With 20 international books published and 19 worldwide feature movies, John Russo has been called a “living legend.” He began by co-authoring the screenplay for Night of the Living Dead, which is now a  horror classic.

Michael Berryman

The Hills Have Eyes, Devil’s Rejects, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Weird Science

Horror genre icon best known for his creepy performance as “Pluto” in the uncompromising Wes Craven horror film The Hills Have Eyes, with over 100 credits to his name.

Felix Silla

The Addams Family, Star Wars Episode VI, Star Treck, Buck Rogers, Planet of the Apes

Felix Silla, known and loved by fans for decades for his role as the iconic Cousin Itt in The Addams Family, Twiki the Robot in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and so many more.

Linnea Quigley

Return of the Living Dead, Silent Night Deadly Night, Night of the Demons, A Nightmare on Elms Street 4: The Dream Master

Best known as an actress and “scream queen” due to her frequent appearances in cult horror classics during the 1980s and 1990s, like Silent Night Deadly Night, Return of the Living Dead, Creepazoids, and more!

Ken Sagoes

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Ken Sagoes, born in Stockbridge, Georgia and raised in Atlanta, is an award winning writer and actor who has over 100 film, TV, and stage credits.

Ricky Vitus

100 Acres of Hell, Face Off, Sylphvania Grove, 

Ricky is an amazing special effects artist, appearing on Face/Off and providing the special effects for several, soon to be released, films including 100 Acres of Hell.

Michael Koske

The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Originals, Pitch Perfect 3, Divergent

Michael Koske is an actor living and working in metro Atlanta, Georgia. His acting credits include frequent appearances as a walker on the AMC television series ‘The Walking Dead.’

Cristin Azure

The Walking Dead, Stan Against Evil, Stranger Things, Baby Driver, The Vault

Cristin Azure is an Atlanta based film producer, precision stunt driver, actress and model.

Miko Hughes

Pet Sematary, New Nightmare, Kindergarten Cop, Hey Arnold, Baby Geniuses, Full House

Lifetime actor best known in the horror genre for playing Gage in Pet Sematary and Dylan in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, with plenty even more memorable roles across TV and film.

Lynn Lowry

I Drink Your Blood, The Crazies, Shivers, Cat People, Whispers, The Theatre Bizarre

Lynn is best known for her work in Shivers and The Crazies, but she also has so many other fabulous credits to her name as well, including many in production titles.

Karlos Borloff

Monster Madhouse is THE MOST ACTION-PACKED, CRAZIEST MONSTER HORROR MOVIE TV SHOW IN THE WORLD!! Available on TV, ROKU channels and on the web, Monster Madhouse has been providing horror entertainment (classic horror movies, rock music, celebrity interviews and more) for more than a decade.

Sonya Thompson

The Walking Dead, Zombieland, Hallowen II, All Hallows Evil

Sonya has played roles from detective to zombie, not only in film but also Prime Time TV.

Hell on Wheels 2019



Great Goblin Head

Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive

In 1987, Tim Shockey purchased the Green Goblin head in Wilmington, NC, saved from a salvage yard. In 2011, Tim started restoration and worked nights and weekends for 2 years and finally, it made its first appearance in almost 30 years.

Mystery Machine

Myst3ry Inc

A non-profit paranormal investigation organization that covers the Mid-Atlantic region of the US. We offer ghost tours in Winston-Salem, NC and in North Myrtle Beach, SC. So, come take a ride with us in the Mystery Machine and learn about some local ghosts and legends.

All announced guest appearances have been confirmed but are subject to cancellation due to professional obligations of our guests. Guest cancellations are out of our control. No refunds on admission tickets due to appearance cancellations of guests.

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