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FAQs, Rules, & Policies


Is this event wheelchair or stroller accessible?

Fully wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Can two people do a photo op?

Yes, two adults can be in same photo op together. They will also have the ability to do a second print if you each want one.

Will the guests be available during the whole event?

All our guests will be at their tables on all three days. They may be away from their table when they have photo op times or panels. Guests may leave early on Sunday for their travel arrangements – this will be noted on the Guests page when applicable.

Can I bring something to get it signed?


Please abide by our rules in choosing your signature items- no metal weapons, please.

Are children allowed to attend?

The general themes on display may not be suitable for all children.  Due to the nature of the event, children are welcome to attend with an adult, but parental discretion is advised.

Can I dress up in costume/cosplay?

Of course, we’d love to see your cosplay. Please review the “Cosplay” rules tab below to make sure your costume or cosplay is appropriate.

Where can I obtain info on Sponsorships or partnerships?

Our Sponsor page features options for sponsorship, as well as link to contact us.

You can also email us directly with Sponsor inquiries at

Are Vendor Booths available?

No,our show is full.

How do I apply for a Press Pass?

On the Press Page. Press passes will be available for a few months, prior to each year’s events.

Can I bring my pet?


No animals will be allowed except for ADA registered service animals needed as physical support animals. Unregistered emotional support animals and pets (even if they are super-cute or fit into your purse) will not be allowed into the event. Bats, tarantulas, and snakes big and small may fit in our general theme but are also, sadly, not allowed – even if they complete your awesome cosplay!

You should have *this guest*!

We appreciate your help, but our booking agent reaches out to agents and guests.

We’re doing our best to get the guests you’d love to meet!

I have a question I don't see here!

Use our Contact Us page to ask something you don’t see here.

We do our best to respond to everyone quickly, but please allow us a few days to get back to you.

Who is organizing Carolina Fear Fest?

We’re Frozen Panic Production, an event management company based in Raleigh/Durham, NC.

Rules & Policies

In matters of safety, attendees may be subject to a safety search.

  1. No weapons of any kind will be allowed inside the venue, this includes metal weapons, explosives, blunt weapons, chemical weapons, BB, airsoft or cap guns.
  2. Prop weapons should be made of cardboard, rubber, plastic, foam or another lightweight material, and clearly not a real weapon. Orange tips are a must!
  3. No hard prop weapons (like metal, glass, or wood).
  4. Prop weapons and cosplays are subject to safety inspections – if you’re uncertain, please bring your prop weapon to the Show Office for inspection and a safety marking.
  5. Please be appropriately covered: no nudity.
  6. Be respectful with large costumes and props.
  7. Use common sense when deciding on your cosplay.
  8. You and your belongings may be subject to a safety search.
  9. Our staff and security have the discretion in matters of public safety.
  1. No tripods or large equipment without prior approval.
  2. No blocking of aisles, attendee movement, vendor tables, or celebrity tables.
  3. Refrain from disrupting attendees, especially when they’re with celebrities or vendors.
  4. Get permission to take AND publish if plan to do so photographs or video of attendees, celebrities, staff, and volunteers.

Rules and Guidelines for All Photo Ops

  • Schedules will be announced just prior to event date.  Schedules are subject to change – please check and recheck your photo session time.  If you miss your photo session, you will not receive a refund.
  • You must have a separately purchased admission ticket in order to access the photo op area at the event.  This photo package does not include admission to the overall event.
  • Two adults per photo please!  Up to 2 adults can be in the same photo, using the same ticket.  In order to provide a high-quality photo, the number of people in the photo must be limited.  Up to 2 small children can also be added, but larger kids or teens should be considered as adults.
  • GLASSES – Glasses will often glare.  If you do not mind removing them, we suggest you do.  Glasses also make it nearly impossible for photographer to verify if you have blinked or not.
  • Lines for each photo op will be made available 15 minutes prior to scheduled time for each session.  Please do not get in line, or create new lines, as those lines may not be honored when the official lines open.  Please follow the posted signs and instructions of staff at the start of session.

At your Session:

  • There will be a table to place your items on. Please have any backpacks, purses, bags, lanyards, etc off and ready to place on the table prior to entering the photo op at picture time.
  • Please have your tickets out and ready to scan.
  • The photo op lines move fast, so please pay attention for instructions from the photographer/staff.
  • Absolutely no autographs are allowed in the photo op area.
  • Due to safety concerns please do not bring strollers inside the photo op area if not absolutely necessary.
  •  Absolutely no personal recording devices are allowed in the photo op area. Use of any personal still image or video recording device will result in the forfeit of your photo op without refund.
  • PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF THE CELEBRITY GUESTS. Keep hands above the waist, absolutely no kissing. Please pay attention for special restrictions a particular guest may have. Any inappropriate behavior may result in the forfeit of your photo op without refund.

AFTER YOUR PHOTO OP: Once you exit the photo op area, gather your belongings from the table and step aside.  Please allow at least 15 mins after your photo was taken before returning to pick up your printed image.

DIGITAL DOWNLOADS, ADDITIONAL PRINT: These are both available on site, after the photo session has ended. Each item is an additional $10 payable at the photographer table.

Makeup Artists and their team battles it out in Carolina Fear Fest’s SFX Battles to find the area’s best look completed, fast!

Requirements and Rules:

  • Teams are required to bring their own supplies to complete their look.
  • Prosthetics are allowed but may NOT be pre-painted.
  • You may not start in advance (no pre-paint or applied prosthetics). The only advance work on model allowed is the application of bald cap prior to contest start.
  • Horror theme.
  • Your design can be planned in advance, there will not be limitations or specifications placed on your design during the event.
  • Teams of 2-3 people consist of: Makeup Artist, model, and 1 assistant (if you choose.)
  • You will have 45 minutes to complete your application. You will have a few minutes to setup your work area prior to start.
  • Judging is mainly based on the face/head only. Use of wigs, costuming and application of makeup or effects to hands or arms is optional. It will add to your creation’s overall look, but it will take up time.
  • There will be a work table, but the only chair for model provided will be a folding chair. You may want to bring folding stool for your model.







There is zero tolerance for harassment. In all our interactions – let’s please show a mutual respect for our fellow humans, demons, misfits and horror-lovers!

We ask that you treat attendees, vendors, celebrities, and staff with respect. We reserve the right to remove someone from the event without a refund, or subject to involvement by Law Enforcement as deemed necessary.

Please contact our staff if a person is behaving inappropriately. This includes stalking, inappropriate physical contact or attention, harassing or unwanted photography or recording, continuous disruption, assault, battery, bathroom policing, intimidation, offensive verbal comments.

  • You may request a cosplayer or another attendee to take a photo with you. Cosplay is not consent- always ask first.
  • You WILL be photographed by our Official Event Photographer, our staff and/or approved members of press.
  • You are likely to be in the background of photos taken by other attendees.
  • All official photos/videos taken by our Demon staff can and may be used in future marketing activities and may be published in various media.
  • By using your General Admission ticket and entering the venue for this event, you consent to our use of official photography that may contain your image.
  • We cannot control, nor will we be held responsible for, the taking or publication of photos/videos by other attendees or press.
  • Attendees caught recording others without their consent in an inappropriate manner will be asked to leave without refund.

Parking Information

There is plenty of free parking available at the Fairgrounds!

Parking is available in any of the marked spots around the Jim Graham Building and overflow parking is also available in the grass field on the West side of building bordering Youth Center Drive.

Please use caution and watch for pedestrians! There will be other events going on at the Fairgrounds, to include the Flea Market.